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Looking for some skills to add to your team? Here you will find some of the tools I use daily and how they can help you.

charles proxy

This tool allows you to modify requests and responses. Since it works locally this won't affect other team members, also it is a good way to debug applications because you can see responses easily.

I use it daily to test some edge cases like:

  • A request to the server to buy 400 tickets without actually creating all of them
  • Mocking some responses to open events without touching server or data base
  • Mocking bad requests
  • Mocking location or time machine

-In this example we can see how charles allows us to test easily 4 scenarios

  • When chosen country has available payment methods
  • When chosen country doesn't have available payment methods
  • When network fails
  • Testing if cards can adapt text correctly


Postman is helpful to test APIs and play around with responses, currently I have some tasks done with this tool but can be replaced with thunder client VS Code extension. Here are some examples of what I do:

  • Change information to be displayed in UI
  • Change parameters to allow certain actions in the app
  • Open/Close some events to test UI response
  • Verify data displayed is correct validating response in postman

Test management tools

Every QA team requires a place with all information like test cases, test runs, what failed and what is blocked. Currently I use ALM microfocus for this and it allows us to work with same information at the same time but I have also being learning about TestRails which does the same work but with some important differences:

  • TestRails can be opened in any web browser working fast while ALM microfocus feels heavy and requires internet explorer or download the launcher (only for windows)
  • TestRails UI looks friendly and intuitive
  • ALM microfocus have some automated workflows
  • Both can link bugs from jira

This is ALM microfocus UI

This is TestRails UI


The QA team needs a place where we can report bugs or suggestions, in my role I use Jira to create tickets with enough information (title, description, preconditions, steps to reproduce, screenshots/videos, expected result, actual result) so devs can easily fix them. Once the bug is reported I go to ALM/TestRails to link the failed test case and block others if is required.

Also when a new feature is planned I get requirements in Jira so I can start creating test cases to cover all possible scenarios.

A good substitute for Jira is Asana since QA team can create a dashboard for bugs in each release.

Other tools

I have other skills that are helpful depending on the project:

  • Git
  • Using emulators/simulators
  • Chrome dev tools