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Looking for some automation skills? Adding automation engineers to your team is as important as the framework selection, here are some examples of frameworks I have worked.

Web automation

If you are building a web probably you have heard of several frameworks, I recommend using NodeJs since the learning curve is low. Personally I like Playwright framework since it feels easy to read and allows your team to create test scripts instantly using codegen tool (npx playwright codegen).

If the team is small this helps to start instantly, refactor becomes a faster task using codegen, allows taking screenshots/recording in case a test failed (or any situation you require) and creates automatically a report when finishes testing

Test to add the first product to cart and validate messages

Test to verify the category changes sections name

Test to verify amount added to the cart remains the same in the cart

Test to delete a product from the cart and validate message displayed

Test to the link displayed when cart is empty

Mobile automation

When testing a mobile app usually people think about appium, while it is a good option, the learning curve is higher and this can make automation process slower. If you only require some automation for repetitive tasks I recommend maestro framework since you can learn it in 30 minutes and start making automation instantly, also it has maestro studio that helps you to create the instructions as codegen in playwright.

Maestro uses coordinates for clicks and reads the screen so you don't require extra steps for configuration in android studio/XCode. You only need app installed and this can be used in iOS simulators or Android devices/emulators. It has some limitations and sometimes reads screen wrong, I would say it is a good option 90% of the time

Test to go through onboarding in wikipedia

Test to verify search results

Test to verify delete button clears state

Test to verify saved page displays in saved section