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About Me

Here I am..

I am proud of my accomplishments in the field of Quality Assurance (QA). One of the highlights of my career has been participating as a speaker in STEAM woman panels, where I had the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with others in the industry. It was a privilege to contribute to the empowerment of women in tech and inspire future generations.


In my current role, I took the initiative to create a platform that significantly streamlined the onboarding process for new hires. By leveraging my expertise in QA, I identified pain points and developed a user-friendly platform that ensured a seamless transition for new team members. This not only saved valuable time and resources but also enhanced the overall productivity.


"Combination of an attitude of service, communication skills and a taste for learning things"

I have been involved in tech projects of community, participating in programs spanning six weeks in San Francisco. These experiences allowed me to be in contact with talented individuals and expanded my vision. I feel proud of my versatility that allows me to learn in order to solve problems.

I possess experience in mobile testing, including testing on various devices and using simulators for both iOS and Android. Furthermore,I have knowledge of frameworks that greatly facilitate basic automation. This can help if you have plans to automate testing processes within your applications in the future.

Moreover, I have hands-on experience in testing web platforms, adding to my expertise in software testing. On the other side I have actively participated in every phase of the testing cycle, demonstrating my involvement from the initial stages all the way through to obtaining production approval.